Welcome to Business Wave.

When the surf is good, surfers seek out the best waves for maximum exhilaration.  Yet every surfer is acutely aware of the impact zone – where the wave crashes down over you head. It’s a tough place to be – powerless, direction-less, and dangerous!

Business leaders must steer their companies to catch the best growth waves – doing their best to stay clear of any impact zones. 

The right strategies, tools and support makes a huge difference. 



Business Growth Coaching

We work with you to determine and clarify your goals, evaluate your current situation, create change and growth strategies together, and create meaningful action plans that work for you.

Then we keep you accountable to take action and provide additional support where you need it most. 


Growth Consulting

Our consulting solutions are available when you need a job done, and don’t have the time and/or skill to do it yourself.

Business Plans ●︎ Financial Models ●︎ Grant Funding Applications ●︎ Presentation Packs  Project Plans ●︎ Project Management ●︎ Operations Plans ●︎ Policies & Procedures


Awesome Workshops

Your executive team will learn powerful new techniques proven to deliver better insights and real business impact.

Strategic Business Modelling ●︎ Product/Service Value Design ●︎ Lego Serious Play


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